19 February 2023

Applying For A Catering Event - How To Book More Food Truck Catering Events For Your Food Truck Using BFT?

Best Food Truck receives 1500-2000 catering requests per month. As a BFT user you're entitled to apply for any event in your region. Applying for catering opportunities is fast and easy through BFT. However, booking those events takes a little more time and effort. You can quickly and easily look at all your opportunities in your catering dashboard. The three biggest factors to booking food catering trucks for parties and other events through BFT are:

  • Great Pictures
  • Great Descriptions
  • Speed of Application

Great Pictures: Insta-Worthy Event Catering With Food Trucks

The average Instagram poster can take great pictures of their dinner, so you must be able to do the same or better. Great-looking pictires should focus on the food, have great lighting, and be clear. Maravilla Latin Cuisine has done a fantastic job taking great pics.

Great Descriptions: Surprise And Delight Customers With Your Delectable Food Truck Menu

Great descriptions of your food are a must if you want to book great catering events consistently. Menus of food catering trucks that say "choose a protein" or just list their menu items will not book many catering events. People are looking for descriptive language. Use descriptive adjectives to make the ingredients of your dish sound even better. For example, don't just say "tomatoes"; say "fresh tomatoes." Use other adjectives like "homemade," "freshly baked," "crispy," and "hand-cut." Your job is to describe your amazing food truck menu in a way that excites customers.

Speed Of Application: Cater To Consumers' Demands With easy to use Catering portal

Most of the customers using BFT to book a food truck, want quick results. Even if their event is three months from now, they want to lock in their food options quickly so they can move on to other things. Once BFT receives five to seven submissions, we send those to the client. Clients typically choose one of the first five to seven submissions, even when others are submitted later. So, get your food truck menu on our food truck booking app as soon as possible to increase your chances of being hired for an event near you.

Applying For A Catering Event - How To Book More Food Truck Catering Events For Your Food Truck Using BFT?

Make Food Truck Catering For Events Simple, Secure, And Enjoyable With BFT!

We also encourage event food truck caterers to increase the budgets presented if needed. We ask the client to start with their minimum budget and then allow the food trucks to add to that total during the proposal process. Please use this feature if you need a budget increase to the price per guest, travel, booking fees, gratuity, tax, or any other additional cost needed to submit a proposal. And asking for a budget increase will often propose your food truck catering look more attractive rather than scaring the client away from hiring your services, especially because they are starting with their minimum budget with room for negotiation. You can increase the budget by entering the total you must make during the proposal process.

Avoid leaving any notes for clients on the proposals asking for or giving contact information. This complicates the process and needs to be clarified for the client; they've reached out to BFT to avoid discussing particulars with multiple event-catering food trucks. We typically delete those comments before submitting them to clients. But there are better ways to work with us than creating an extra step for BFT.

You can continue to get better at booking food trucks for catering events by checking which food truck menus won the bids you submitted for. On the catering dashboard, when the status says, "Other Vendor Chosen," You can click the event ID link and see who won the bid AND what menu they used. If you keep seeing the same winners, take note of the menus they're using to win the bids.

Applying For A Catering Event - How To Book More Food Truck Catering Events For Your Food Truck Using BFT?

Make sure your profile looks awesome! The best looking profiles book the most catering events through BFT. Have a great About Us section, list your reviews, if you have them, connect your google calendar so clients can find you.

Applying For A Catering Event - How To Book More Food Truck Catering Events For Your Food Truck Using BFT?

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