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What if we already have food trucks?

If you already have food trucks for your daily workplace catering, that means you also already have lines during lunch, no way for people to order and see photo menus, no schedule, and no ratings feedback collected by customers so there’s no iteration based upon what people actually like.

When office buildings switch over to us, we typically see the same setup in most cases. Either there’s no dedicated page that shows an upcoming schedule, or an email has to be sent out daily, or there’s a google calendar that has names of trucks but no menus, or basic flyers for food trucks that might have a menu that is months old and severely outdated (as food trucks change their menus frequently).

We receive ratings every day from every lot that we’re active on which we use to then iterate the selection to ensure everyone is happy. Traditional food truck companies have virtually zero relationship with your people, so they have no idea what people like or don’t like, and thus they’re stuck sending the same trucks over and over.

In addition, we have a dedicated support team working around the clock via text message so when people have questions or need help with their order, we respond.

But most importantly, why would anyone want to wait in line at the truck when they could order ahead, and pick up their food when it’s ready? The biggest reason why office buildings switch to Best Food Trucks (BFT) is simply because they want their employees or tenants to enjoy their lunch hour and not waste it in line. When customers order online from our available food truck menu, they can get more work done, or simply relax and enjoy their lunch hour talking to friends instead of literally standing in place for 20-30 minutes.

In other words, the difference is night and day. If you have an office lunch catering via food trucks already, then let us help make your employees' lives easier and sign up today. We’ll keep any food trucks you already have scheduled and turn on an online lunch ordering system for the offices so people can start enjoying the benefits immediately. We’ll also handle all the logistics of switching food truck vendors so you don’t have to lift a finger.

Plus, when you start getting emails from happy people thanking you for enabling order ahead and allowing them to take back their lunch hour, you’ll wonder to yourself why you ever had people wait in line in the first place.

Yes, I want Food Trucks for my office!