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How to book food trucks for offices?

We get it. You’re sick of going to the same three restaurants over and over. Delivery food comes lukewarm at best, meaning say goodbye to crispy french fries, and get used to using words like “soggy” and “stale”. Catering trays where you have little choice, and 25% of that food is likely going into the trash.

That’s where food trucks come in. Food trucks that will come to your work are the best possible solution to bring a professional chef and a kitchen steps from your office. No soggy fries. No long wait times.

Best Food Trucks (BFT) also provides an online ordering system for all our corporate lunch trucks so you never have to wait in line. When your food is ready, you’ll receive a text message so you can come grab it fresh. No lines means you can get more work done, relax more, or become your office hero.

This is why we see a lot of offices starting to use corporate catering food trucks a lot more than traditional catering dishes. You get all the convenience of online ordering with the freshest possible food made right outside your doorstep.

Typically, offices would have to manage this whole process themselves, negotiate minimums, check certifications and licenses, track booking, manage and track payouts, and routing customer feedback to the truck. Sounds fun, right?

BFT does all of this, for FREE. We want to make sure you’re happy with your office food truck. So with our unique lunch ordering system for the offices along with our decade of relationships with food trucks in your area, you won’t have to dread the “What do you want to do for lunch?” question anymore.

Let us know if you are interested in trying us out by clicking the button below. We’ll get back to you ASAP and try to help you become your office hero. :)

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