23 March 2024

Food Truck 101: Using a Signature Block to get more Business

Using a Signature Block on Your Food Truck Emails:

A signature block is the single easiest marketing tool you can implement to ensure an organizer can learn about you from your very first email. Organizers everywhere are approached daily by new food trucks asking for access to locations and catering. I'm shocked everyday how someone can email BFT from a gmail account with a personal email and simply say, "how do I get access to _____ location? Sent from iphone" or, "Hey i'm interested" if we email about a new location or event. When we send out a request to multiple food trucks, we'll end up going with the food trucks who make it easy to work with them. This just happened recently where we sent a request to a region's food trucks and we received a lot of interest. We manage locations all over the US for this client. We had a very short window to book because food trucks were needed the next day. Some food trucks got back to us with: I'm interested. No menus, no links, no info. The food trucks who got back to us with easy to view menus and social media were the ones we booked. The location is employer paid and trucks are doing $2k-$4k per shift, four shifts per day.

Food Truck 101: Using a Signature Block to get more Business

The first email to an organizer should be an introduction even if the organizer reached out to you first. When emailing organizers for locations, it's important to include a signature block with: Your name, your truck name, email, social media links and anything else that can introduce your food truck to an organizer who gets inquires from new trucks every week. Also helpful to include: a link to your menu, a pic of your truck if you haven't worked with them much in the past. If an organizer has to try and figure out who you are, they're just going to ignore you.

An organizer is trying to provide awesome food to their clients from a food truck who shows up on time and does a great job. Adding a new food truck to their rotation is always a risk even when it's a brand new location. The best way to get into a rotation is having that great first email. Have a menu with GREAT pictures. Great pictures tell an organizer you're committed to making your food truck the best it can be before you even hit the road. Tell the organizer who else you've worked with what amazing events you've done before. Include links to any stories or blogs written about you. Provide social media links with pictures and comments of things written about you.

Food Truck 101: Using a Signature Block to get more Business

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