24 February 2023

Perfect Your Event by Renting a Best Food Truck

You've done the hard work spending your invaluable time conducting extensive and effective research, so that's why you're here at Best Food Trucks, your Best Partner to assist you in any and all facets of renting a food truck for your event!

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Best Food Trucks: The Industry Leader In Food Truck Catering, Food Truck Rentals, & Event Booking

As the industry leader in all facets of food truck logistics, alongside the regulatory and legal expertise of our partners in the National Food Truck Association, helping people engage with food trucks across all potential avenues is what we do. With collectively over 25+ years in the food truck game working with over 20K individual food trucks, we have helped facilitate hundreds of thousands of food truck interactions and impressions across not just the United States but the world. Our competence is unrivaled in the industry as it's not just about quantity at Best Food Trucks, it's about quality, and it's that kind of mastery of every facet of the food truck industry—from consumer to provider to regulator to legislator—that has facilitated such widespread success and experience to rent a food truck in Los Angeles.

Perfect Your Event by Renting a Best Food Truck

You’ve found The Right Place To Rent the Best Food Trucks For Parties

Whether you’re looking for outstanding food truck catering, or renting a food truck for short- or long-term with the best rates and options for wedding or private, corporate, and municipal entities, or if you’re in need of renowned and consequential experiential marketing options, you’ve found an enthusiastic partner with the food truck industry leader, Best Food Trucks. Our purpose is helping you achieve whatever goals you’ve set for your food truck catering, food truck rental, and/or food truck marketing experience!

Are you looking to rent a food truck to cater an event you're hosting? Private, public, corporate, municipal, or personal? Do you have a party, or a wedding, or corporate meeting you need to knock out of the park? Look no further, because we've got you covered from the very first planning steps to after the event is over. You have come to the right place, Partner!

With over 25 years experience and over 20K trucks that we've partnered with from across the US, Canada, and Europe, we've wowed the likes of Apple, Amazon, Pfizer, Boeing, Disney, SpaceX, Tesla, and so many more. We've worked hard to make the booking experience as easy as can be for you, just give us a few details and let us handle the rest! 

There's not a time frame we can't work with unlike other providers in the industry. If you're looking to source a food truck rental long term, look no further than the Best Food Trucks, your one-stop solution for long-term food truck rentals and infrastructure, whether you're a business, municipality, non-profit, and more!

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Perfect Your Event by Renting a Best Food Truck

You've Found The Best Place To Book A Short Or Long-Term Rental For Your Business

Over the course of 25+ years in this industry, we've forged strong, lasting, and mutually beneficial relationships across the entirety of the food truck catering landscape, from logistics, to management, marketplace solutions, entrepreneurship, advertising, finance, and more, we're there for you regardless of where you are in your process. Nearly done and looking for finishing touches, or in need of someone to help you throughout the entire process? Best Food Trucks got you! Because of these long-term, beneficial relationships, we can help you start your own food truck business.

Are you an entrepreneur looking to start your own business? From leases to outright ownership, our dedicated team of Food Truck Industry Experts, alongside the Best Food Trucks Marketplace, will help get you the best food trucks to rent for parties! Whatever equipment you need to purchase or rent, we have a solution for you. 

If you're looking for a long-term food truck lease, our comprehensive food truck rental program will have you out on the streets in no time, helping you throughout the entire process. We didn't start by working with major corporations, we got those contracts working with individuals, local groups, schools, restaurants, malls, universities, and the like, allowing us to scale appropriately to be able to manage massive, Fortune 500 accounts. But our bread and butter began with and continues to be our work with individuals and small groups that own food trucks for rent, and through those relationships we've developed the best protocols and methods to both help you along the way and offer you solutions other groups simply cannot. Whatever kind of lease you need, we've done and done well. 

We also offer food trucks to rent for events in the way of short-term rentals for any kind of purpose you can think of: existing business interests, commercial or film shoots, full studio productions, sporting events, etc. 

If you're looking to build your own rental food truck from the bottom up, there's no better place to come than Best Food Trucks as our work on the regulatory and legislative side, alongside our work with multiple public health departments across the country has given us the kind of institutional insight and expertise not available anywhere else. [Revolution Carts tie in?]

Visit the Best Food Trucks Marketplace and we'll have you on the road yesterday!

Perfect Your Event by Renting a Best Food Truck

You've Found The Best Place To Rent Food Trucks For Branded Marketing Promotions

You're in good company! We've helped such household names as McCormick, Albertsons, Apple and many more to advance their brand.

BFT utilizes our nationwide network of food trucks to rent for a party, municipal partners and regional food truck associations to create and simplify Experiential Marketing Experiences for your clients and customers. There is no better way to make customers happy than with made to order onsite food. From our in-house design firm and truck wrapping partners across the Nation, we’ll help craft your experience with world class service and engaging locations.

Through our partnership with the National Food Truck Association we have years of experience with regional and statewide regulations and permits. Our team hasn’t just pulled permits, we’ve also been intimately involved with positive regulation changes. From a small three hour parking space permit to the large scale City event allowance. We’ve engaged and cooperated with every type of municipality throughout the United States.

The BFT platform with over 5000 vendors and hundreds of regional partners, allows us to quickly and easily build an immersive experience for your clients and customers. We use the pieces we’ve assembled to help you build the experience you’re looking for with our amazing food truck rentals.

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Perfect Your Event by Renting a Best Food Truck

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