8 January 2023

Beach Eats in Coming Back to Marina Del Rey

Beach Eats - Where Food and Fun Unites!

Fun and vibrant, Marina Del Rey is known for its outdoor events. From fun activities to the best food trucks in LA County serving up gourmet grubs, Marina Del Rey has it all. Beach Eats is another such weekly food truck event at Marina Beach more commonly known as Mother’s Beach. The event happens every week on summer Thursdays from 5 to 9pm, May through October. So, whether you’re a local or new in town, if you’re looking for fun things to do around Marina, we have good news. Beach Eats is coming back to Marina Del Rey soon. So put on your stretchy pants, don your napkins and head out to Beach Eats!

Calling all LA County Food Trucks: Beach Eats is coming back soon

BFT is bringing back LA County fair food trucks to the Beach Eats in Marina Del Rey

Beach Eats is entering the 12th year and it's going to be better than ever! Food Trucks always have great shifts here. If you're a food truck in LA county, you'll need the LA County Business License. 

Everyone scheduled for Beach Eats or any County Event, and those who would like to book Beach Eats must get a LA County food truck inspection and have a COUNTY Business License. This is not the LA County Health Permit, It's not a City of LA business license and it's not the LA Tax Cert, since it comes under all the LA County food trucks requirements.

The LA County Business License can be obtained at  225 N. Hill Street Los Angeles, CA 90012, INFO -Toll-Free No.: (888) 807-2111 Email: [email protected] http://ttc.lacounty.gov/ (under business license)

What To Expect At The Beach Eats Festival?
No one knows how to celebrate food better than us Americans. Whether your favorite food is a simple grilled cheese sandwich or a gourmet style lobster, Beach Eats celebrates it in a big way. Wondering what to expect at Beach Eats? 

  • From American classic to Asian-fusion, Beach Eats has it all. It's a full-on food truck fare!
  • You can have a picnic by the beach. Roll out that blank and enjoy your food by the waves.
  • You can even bring your fur friends. Dogs are welcome at the Beach Eats festival.
Beach Eats in Coming Back to Marina Del Rey

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