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Best Food Trucks in Washington DC, DC

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Food Trucks in Washington DC

Best Food Trucks in Washington DC

Nothing like a perfect day spent in our Nation's Capital. Strolling the National Mall and taking in the massive marble political monuments is an experience to remember. If you can catch it in spring when the cherry blossoms are out it's particularly magical. Washington DC is one of the most visited cities in America: with world class art, food and entertainment. The District seems to be in constant fluid motion, as political elites gather at lunchtime to dine and talk shop, and lawmakers meet at happy hour to have a drink after a tough day on the hill. Residents here appreciate the finer things in life, and that is especially evident in the restaurant and bar scene. World renowned chefs and mixologists expertly combine freshly sourced ingredients, making for incredible culinary and beverage experiences. The food truck scene in Washington DC is an extension of this excellence, and foodies in DC are going to be seriously impressed! The District was quick to the scene when it came to food trucks, and now there are a plethora of them here. If there's one thing that both parties can agree on, it's delicious food. BFT recommends you find the bright yellow BBQ Bus at lunchtime and order the "Pick 3 Picnic" so you can try all of the delicious Smoked Meats. Looking for Street Tacos? The Roaming Coyote truck definitely has what you're craving. The service is fast and friendly and the food is super tasty. Pro tip: Order the Cochabamba Fish Taco. Trust us. There's lots of tasty food truck options in DC for everyone!

Food Truck Catering in Washington DC For The Busy Life In The Capiatl

Food trucks in the Washington DC area offer the best options for catering. Food trucks like District Small Bites craft made to order sliders right at your location. Have you asked yourself, "Where can I find Food Truck Catering near me in Washington DC?" Best Food Trucks can help you find the best food trucks for catering. Food Trucks offer awesome catering options for all types of events! Food trucks specialize in weddings, graduations and employee appreciation events. Whether it’s catering for your office or for your event, Best Food Trucks will set up an online ordering process or grab and go service to get guests served to order delicious meals quickly and easily. Many DC neighborhoods and offices team up to bring the best food trucks in DC weekly to serve meals. A rotating selection of top food trucks in Washington DC ensures variety and fun! If you’re interested in booking a food truck to set up a regular rotation, click here.

Finding Famous Food Trucks in Washington DC

You can use the Best Food Trucks map above to find and order from the best food trucks in Washington DC. Here are a few more great choices: Two Smooth Dudes, serving up incredibly indulgent items like Gourmet Tater Tots and healthier options too. Another winner here is the Peruvian Brothers truck with some of the tastiest sandwiches in the District. Try the Chicharron Sandwich, it's love at first bite: and grab some extra napkins. If you enjoy Argentinian food like we do, Empanadas De Mendoza offers up a fine mix of Empanada flavors like Pineapple Chicken and Honey BBQ Pork. They have Churros and Alfajores too! Whatever you're craving, there is a food truck in the District for you!

The Best Way to Find Food Truck Vendors in Washington DC

If you want the best way to search for food trucks catering the best food trucks in dc, use the Best Food Trucks app. You can download it here for either IOS or Android. The Best Food Trucks mobile app provides detailed information on each food truck, including the location and what type of cuisine they offer. Customers can order items right from the app for pick up and get alerted when the food is ready!

Food Truck Roundups in Washington DC

Looking for a great way to find the best food trucks in washington dc? You can attend free Food Truck Roundups in Washington DC like Truckeroo and get introduced to some of the area's most popular vendors in one night. It's a great way to try multiple trucks at once or to hire the best food trucks in Washington, DC to cater your next event. Bring your friends, it's all about community! Here are some residential locations with food trucks: Elliot on 4th and Lookout at 6400 on Arlington Boulevard. You can click on the links above to see the upcoming schedules at both locations. Come try all the delicious dishes that Washington DC Food Trucks have to offer.

Time to Eat

Now it's time to eat! Get out there and enjoy the DC Food Truck scene. Don't forget to take some awesome pictures of your tasty finds, tag your favorite food trucks and please tag Best Food Trucks USA. We love seeing customer pics and we'll typically repost with permission.

Thanks for using Best Food Trucks and Happy Eating!

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District Flames

Barbecue, Fries, Hamburgers, Mac And Cheese, Wings

Empanadas De Mendoza


Smoke Stack's House of BBQ


Roaming Coyote

Tex Mex

Lattimore's Funnel Cakes


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4.64 (142,126 reviews)

Michele M.

21 May 2024

Excellent job, the food was delicious and the service was perfect

Carla C.

11 April 2024

Wonderful, authentic food! And quick service!

Raoul M.

28 December 2023

The food! Pulled pork is the best. Seasoning on the fries is great! Y'all are the best food truck hands down to come to Georgetown hospital

Porschea J.

8 November 2023

Customer Service, the guy who was serving the food, seemed to be overwhelmed, and frustrated due to demand.

Sean M.

7 November 2023

Food was delicious and fresh. Owner was excellent. Very good experience and would highly recommend to anyone.

Debra L.

1 November 2023

The chicken swarma was excellent; falafel wraps were pretty good (a bit bland); loved the baba ganoush. The wraps were missing tahini sauce - they were not only bland but dry as well.

Ihkeem M.

24 October 2023

We greatly appreciate Carnivore BBQ for catering our event. The food was tasty and our attendees really enjoyed it.

Kodi G.

11 October 2023

The food was so delicious, all the rice was perfect with the chicken curry, and the chicken dumplings were quite yummy. Everything being hot-to-order made the pre-order choice a smart one. :)

Raoul M.

28 September 2023

They're the best food truck that comes to MGUH. love the fries and the seasoning they put on and the variety of empanadas they sell

Tyrone P.

22 September 2023

This Sate truck had some amazing flavors and different variety of food. The peanut sauce was outstanding as well. Overall, the food was tasty. I have to to let you know the only reason for the four stars is the truck showed up an hour late for the event. However, the food denounced the lateness. :)