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Kitchen 212

Thank you for coming by Kitchen 212º! Our origins are based in Northeast Ohio, but our menu is inspired by global cuisine.

Kitchen 212º values raising temperatures and standards, and here’s why. At 211º, water is hot … but at 212º degrees, it boils. Just like that one extra degree tips water over its boiling point, we know that the right combination of flavors, ingredients, and techniques can push your taste buds over the edge. That one extra degree is what we’re constantly striving to provide.

Behind the burners is Chef Mike Hamlin, an executive sous chef who has traveled and cooked across America. Mike launched Kitchen 212º alongside his wife, Mandy, amid the chaos of COVID-19. When their world got turned upside down, Mike and Mandy saw an opportunity to turn their passion for food and service into a small business that could bring delicious eats to the streets, while creating a much-needed sense of community in the process.

Kitchen 212º is more than just a quick bite to eat—it’s an experience. We’re happy to share it with you!

Kitchen 212 is available for food truck catering!

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August 2023, Cleveland, OH
100+ attendees


September 2022, Parma, OH
50+ attendees